Garage Sale Permits

Garage Sale Guidelines

The City of Tuttle requires all garage sales within the City limits to be permitted. A garage sale permit costs $5. The following guidelines are intended to help all residents comply with the rules and regulations for garage sales as established by the City Council:

  • Permits may be purchased at City Hall (221 W Main Street) Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    • If you are unable to make it to City Hall between those times, you will need to call City Hall at 405-381-2335 and pay and register for the garage sale over the phone.  Once the garage sale has been registered and paid for over the phone, you will be able to pick up the purchased signs from the Police Department after hours.  
  • The garage sale must be conducted at the permitted garage sale site only.
  • Each permit includes 1 regular-sized garage sale sign to be posted at the actual garage sale site.
  • Only one garage sale may be held at each address per month. A separate garage sales permit is required for each sale.
  • Each garage sale may last only 3 consecutive days
  • In the event of a rain-out, arrangements may be made with the City for rescheduling the garage sale within 21 days. No permit fees will be refunded.

Important Note

The State of Oklahoma requires sales taxes to be collected on all sales generated at a garage sale. An Oklahoma Sales Tax Report (PDF) from the Oklahoma Tax Commission is available online. The sales tax rate for Tuttle is 9.75% (4.5% for State; 3% for Tuttle General Fund; 1% for Tuttle Street and Alley Fund; 0.5% for Tuttle Neighborhood Streets Fund; and 0.75% for Grady County).

Garage Sale Sign Guidelines

  • Only garage sale signs purchased from the City of Tuttle are permitted to be displayed within the City limits. Real-estate signs of a professional nature indicating the location of a garage sale is also allowed with a special permit.
  • Regular-sized garage sale signs are $2 each and large-sized garage sale signs are $3 each. Each sign includes 1 sign stake. Additional sign stakes are $0.75 each.
  • Signs may only be displayed up to 48 hours prior to the opening of the garage sale and 48 hours after the sale ends.
  • Signs on private property must be at least 10 feet from the edge of any street pavement.
  • The Oklahoma Department of Transportation prohibits the placement of any sign on highway right-of-way.
  • Signs may be placed at intersections on city right-of-way as long as the sign does not create hazard for the public. Do not block the view of traffic.
  • Garage sale signs shall not be placed on any vehicle, fence, pole, tree, median, railing, or other sign.
  • You are welcome to decorate your garage sale signs. Please do not cover the permit sticker or any other information on the sign, including the permit number. The addition of balloons, flags, etc that extrude from the sign is not permitted.
  • You are responsible for removing all of your signs. The failure to timely remove your garage sale signs may result in the issuance of a sign violation citation.
  • Your garage sale signs may be reused by you for future garage sales. Please bring the signs with you when you apply for your garage sale permit.
  • A garage sale permit must be purchased in order for garage sales located outside of the City of Tuttle to display signs within the City limits.