Text Reminders

If you are currently signed up then you will NOT have to re-sign up but all new customers that would like to receive the text messages will need to use the new number.

The number change also has to do with the messages not being received due to service providers no longer allowing the 5 digit number from before.

To enroll for text reminders, text one of the color zones, based on where you live, to (866)757-8787:

  • Text GREENZONE if you live in the green zone;
  • Text PURPLEZONE if you live in the purple zone;
  • Text REDZONE if you live in the red zone;
  • Text BLUEZONE if you live in the blue zone; or
  • Text YELLOWZONE if you live in the yellow zone.

For example, text GREENZONE to (866)757-8787 if you live in the green zone. Call City Hall at 405-381-2335 if you need help setting up the reminder.