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Where Does Tuttle Get Its Natural Gas?

Tuttle purchases its natural gas through a natural gas broker named BlueMark Energy.  The actual natural gas itself is from Oneok, better known as Oklahoma Natural Gas.  Currently, Tuttle has two connections to the Oneok natural gas line running near Tuttle.

When Are Meters Read?

Meters are read on the first day of each month (or maybe a day early or later if the 1st is on the weekend).  

Natural Gas Price Calculations

After we have calculated the total number of Metric Cubic Feet (MCF) of gas was used throughout the entire system, we take that total MCF and divide it by the total dollar amount billed to the TPWA by BlueMark Energy and Oneok.  This establishes the fuel cost per MCF. (Note: The TPWA’s Oneok meter reads in Million British Thermal Units (or MMBTU’s).  All natural gas meters for TPWA customers read by the MCF.  1 MMBTU equals 0.9756 MCF.  This conversion is taken into account each month.).

Your natural gas price is then calculated as follows for residential and business customers:

Base Fee ($15.31 for all customers)


Fuel (# of MCF’s read at your meter TIMES the fuel cost per MCF)


Tuttle Operation Fee (# of MCF’s read at your meter TIMES $3.24 per MCF)

 Natural gas customers outside of the City Limits are charged an extra 20%

Important Note for Natural Gas Customers Regarding February 2021 Winter Storm

During February’s winter storms, our natural gas customers used a significant amount of natural gas to heat their homes and businesses.  Natural gas used during the month of February 2021 will be on our customers’ April 1st, 2021 bill.  Most should expect their bill to be higher than normal simply because they used more natural gas.

As you have likely heard in the news, wholesale natural gas prices skyrocketed across Oklahoma and beyond.   This has impacted the per-MCF price.   However, due to the TPWA pre-purchasing natural gas each fall for the upcoming winter months, much of our natural gas was purchased at pre-winter storm prices.  As a result, the per MCF price our customers will be charged for their February 2021 natural gas usage is higher as compared to the previous month.   The Feb 2021 price will be $9.50/MCF as compared to the January 2021 price of $6.40/MCF.  The per MCF price was routinely above $9.00/MCF during 2007-2009 and 2014-2015.  We are expecting the per MCF pricing to return closer to normal on next month’s bill.

We know that some of our residents may financial difficulty have paying their utility bill.  If you are not able to financially pay your utility bill, please contact the Billing Office at 405-381-2335 prior to the utility bill due date of April 15, 2021.  We offer payment plans to most utility customers who do not have a recent history of abusing the payment plan system.