Trash & Recycle

The City of Tuttle provides trash service in partnership with Republic Services. If you are interested in signing up for trash service, please email us at

Please use the links provided to find more information such as Service Areas, Schedule, Policies, and Guidelines.


Section 16-75. Charges for Solid Waste Collection and Disposition. 

1. For the purpose of supporting the operation of the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal System, pursuant to the authority of the Oklahoma Solid Waste Management Act of 1970, as amended, there is levied and assessed rates and charges, to be adjusted annually, by the Tuttle Public Works Authority by resolution, based upon the charges and expenses incurred by the City of Tuttle and the Tuttle Public Works Authority. Said rates and charges are levied and assessed against every owner, occupant or person in charge of any dwelling unit, business, industrial or institutional user unit within or without the corporate limits of the City of Tuttle, as they currently exist, or as they might from time to time be changed according to law:

2. The Tuttle Public Works Authority shall charge customers not located within the corporate limits of the City of Tuttle a rate equal that of the rate charged customers within the corporate limits of the City of Tuttle. (Updated Ord. 2010-14, 6/14/2010; 2011-14, 5/9/2011)