Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Ambulance Membership Program

The City of Tuttle provides the Emergency Medical Services Ambulance Membership Program citywide for $5 per month per household. Households are automatically enrolled in the Ambulance Membership Program, though residents may choose to opt out of the plan during the month of May. If you have previously opted out you may re-enroll during open enrollment in May.

How It Works

The typical ambulance ride costs over $1,500 but through this program residents participating in the program will pay no out-of-pocket expenses, such as private insurance deductibles for emergency ambulance rides, for all permanent members living in their household.

When a participant is transported to the hospital by Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for an emergency, the ambulance service will collect money from the resident's insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Patients without insurance will benefit from a 40% discounted rate for EMS.

For more information, contact Tuttle City Hall at 405-381-2335.

Benefits of the Program

  • No insurance deductibles or co-payments to meet. Membership covers all of your out-of-pocket expenses. We bill your insurance or other responsible party directly, but no additional charges are passed to you the member.
  • Patients with no health insurance coverage (private/self pay) enjoy a 40% discount on billed charged.
  • All immediate relatives living at your residence and listed on your application are covered including spouses, parents, grandparents and children.
  • Newborns and newly adopted children are automatically covered.
  • Medically necessary services provided by Tuttle EMS are provided as often as needed within the Tuttle EMS service district.

What's Not Covered

  • Family members living at a different address or in nursing care facilities require a separate membership
  • Non-family members living at your residence require a separate membership.
  • Services provided by another EMS service or outside the service area are not covered.
  • Services which are not medically necessary are not covered. A physician's authorization is required on non-emergency services.
  • Transportation to clinics, doctor's offices or pharmacies are not covered.


You may submit your completed application to City Hall or mail to:
City of Tuttle
221 W Main Street
P.O. Box 10
Tuttle, OK 73089

Tuttle Residents

Non-Residents of Tuttle

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