Water Wells

Register Your Water Well

The Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) requires communities to notify all owners of water wells located within ¼ mile of existing municipal water wells any time the community is acquiring or registering additional water rights. Since the OWRB does not necessarily require all water wells to be registered with them, it is up to communities to keep track of water wells within their jurisdiction. 

The City Council approved Ordinance 2011-17, as permitted by 82 Oklahoma Statute 1020.21 of the Oklahoma Statutes, requiring all water wells to be registered with the City. At this time, all water well registrations will be free. However, if you have drilled a water well on or after July 1, 2009, and did not apply and receive a permit for the well from the City, you will be responsible for applying for a water well permit, and paying the associated fees.

Please note that not only will this information be used for notification purposes, but will also help us with the short-term and long-term planning issues regarding our shared water resources. There is no fee to register your well.

Drilling a Water Well Requires a Drilling Permit

82 OS 1020.21 of the Oklahoma Statues allows communities to adopt rules and regulations regarding the use and operation of private water wells. Sections 4-26 and 16-14 of the Tuttle Code of Ordinances establishes the rules and regulations for private water wells within Tuttle. A water well permit is required any time a new water well is drilled. Rehabilitation of existing wells does not require a permit.

Any water well that is not used solely for domestic use is required to first receive a permit from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB). 82 OS 1020.1 of the Oklahoma Statues defines "Domestic Use" as use for household purposes, for farm and domestic animals up to the normal grazing capacity of the land and for the irrigation of land not exceeding a total of three acres in area for the growing of gardens, orchards and lawns, and for such other purposes.


If you are drilling more than one well on your property, please fill out a drilling application (PDF) for each well.


The fee for wells drilled on properties served by a public water system is $325. The fee for wells drilled on properties not served by a public water system is $100.